Video and Caption sync in Storyline


I have video within a storyline and need to translate it for regional use.  I have added caption blocks for the translations but am having trouble keeping the captions aligned to the video.  If I stop the video (or start it later) the captions come in based on the storyline timeline.  Any ideas or suggested learning modules?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barbara and welcome to Heroes!

If you've enabled the video controls it is no longer synced with the slide's timeline and therefore elements may become out of sync as you mentioned.  

You may want to look at a few of the methods here for closed captioning. If you're displaying the video controls more so that the user is aware how much of the video they have watched, you could also put a hotspot or transparent shape over the video's seekbar and then the user wouldn't be able to click on it to pause or scrub forward.