Video and que points do not love each other


I have a problem with a course. I created a simulation of a slot machine. This was done by recording a video of playing the slot. The video takes up the whole screen and the time line is paused on a que point after each spin. The user can then resume the timeline by clicking on a button which has a trigger to resume the time line, making the video continue. 

All in all the effect is quite good and it works great on my computer. However, we have many employees in our company that work on VDI machines. (virtual desktops) This seems to cause some problems whenever large data has to be loaded for videos. Sometimes, videos don't run at all. We troubleshooted this in the past and found a formula that sort of works.

This time it is different though and I don't understand what the problem could be. The video seems to run fine, however, the que points to pause the timeline seem to move. The video stops at the wrong time. This also appears to be at different points in the video from day to day. So for some reason, the video does not run on the timeline as it was intended and as it does on a normal computer. 

This is all a bit confusing? I attached a file. Maybe that clarifies. 

I really hope someone has a clue what causes this problem. :(

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Niels, 

It sounds like it's loading and buffering differently on your users end depending on when and how they're accessing it? Can you tell us how you've published the course and how the users are accessing it? Could there not be enough memory associated with the virtual machine to allow for a smooth playback? 

Phil Mayor

I think it is the initial buffering that is knowing the sync out.  Last time I encountered this I used off slide shapes where the first was set to change from hidden when media starts and the others were cued off the end of the last, I then added pause trigger on timline start or end of these shapes, it is more work.