Video auto plays when I don't want it to...

Jan 05, 2016

Hi everyone, I wonder if someone could help me;

I have been struggling all day with a problem that I just can't seem to get to the bottom of at all! When inserting a video onto a slide and then previewing the slide, the video starts playing automatically when really I want the video to play when I click a certain object. I have a trigger set up to play the video when I click on the certain object and there are no other triggers telling the video to play when the timeline starts.

My video has no player controls as I don't want users to know it is a video...(I am using it as a way around putting in an old animation made in Flash that I do not have the time nor skills to recreate...I screen recorded the flash animation in Camtasia 8 then inserted the video as if it were the flash animation...sorry I am terrible at explaining!!)

Really hope someone can help me as I am really well and truly stuck :( 





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