Hello Heroes,

I just embedded my YouTube video in Storyline 360. I see it cannot be preview it unless published, Correct? That is a shame because I wanted to design an interactive quiz with it? Please gang, any practical solution for this? Maybe video-record the YouTube video so I can design my interactive quiz,  etc?



Thank you all!


Astrid Case



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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Astrid,

The YouTube video can't play in the slide until published. There's no work around for that part of it. It's just the way the technology works.

Also, a web object is being fed from a different source and it will sit on top of the interactive features in the slide. If you want to create an interactive video quiz, your best bet is to insert the video on the slide and then you can add the interactive components to it.


Gerry Wasiluk

Another possible (and rare?) option--contact the owner of the video on YouTube and see if you can get permission to download the video of the course for direct insertion into your Storyline course.

There are plenty of online utilities that can help you download a YouTube video to your PC.

STRONG CAVEAT:  I would not do this unless you had permission from the owner of the video.  Just "not right" to do it without permission.  (Probably violates copyright law???)  If you get permission, you want to be sure to get that writing--and you may want to check with your organization's legal folks just to be sure . . .