Video background causing crashing?


I'm using a video as a background and am wondering if this is the reason my project keeps crashing after the 3rd slide (includes 11 layers).

The video was a 8 second video playing automatically in the background - this I reduced to 4 seconds being the lowest ideal setting, however my project keeps crashing in the same spot (when I try to move to the 4th slide). 

I've rechecked all the settings etc but can't figure it out.

The video background replaces a static image and works well... except for the gremlins mentioned above (no animations etc are used).

Any ideas as this is a 30 slide project

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy

they were a couple of queries.

It is recommended that you work locally so if you can have everything on your local drive and see if that makes a difference.

Creating a new project file can sometimes 'jolt' a gremlin into submission or it helps you isolate exactly which slide is corrupt. It may be that another slide is corrupt but is affecting the video slide and we are assuming it is that one.

Happy to take a look if you want to upload your story file - just note which slide you are having an issue with.

I use a lot of video backgrounds in my and then I have to remove and re-insert it to get it working.