Video broken on HTML5 iPad output

Hi all,

Bit of an unusual one here, quite niche but hopefully some of you out there will be able to help :-).

Building an iPad app through storyline. Pushing it through Xcode to make it a bespoke iPad app, not that that is relevant to the issue mind.

Basically, the client requires the Launch Screen to be removed. So, two ways of doing this in both SL 1 and SL 2.


SL 1 method is add a line of JS to the player_compiled.js file stop the launch screen appearing.

SL 2 method is adding some code at the end of the story_html5.html.

Both these methods work great! However they have the following negative effects.

There are transparent shapes on slides, which lose their transparency and turn solid.  The videos do not work.

Both these errors are sporadic. If you cycle back and forth through the course the transparent shapes become transparent and sometimes the videos work. So it is not a open and shut case. It seems to occur on each page load but in the initial instance they do not work.

I have tried playing with the videos, giving them auto play triggers, making the user click to play them, attaching seekbars, nothing seems to work consistently and it continues to be sporadic. Same goes for the transparent shapes. I have toyed with the transparency, inserted them as images, even replaced whole sections of them with ones which don't change sporadically. All of this to no avail.


Any ideas guys? Thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laith,

You mentioned using a custom iPad app set up and removing the launch screen - which are two things our staff are unable to offer support around. To ensure it's not those elements causing the errors, you may want to look at running an example that doesn't have that involved and using of the sites mentioned here for testing, and if the behavior persists in mobile safari on your iPad or another supported browser, please let us know. 

Laith Salama

Hi Ashley,

This also occurs on the story_html5.html when viewed in a browser (Chrome, FF), both on laptop and on iPad. So it is not an iPad issue or anything to do with converting it to a bespoke app. That is just a by the by like I said at the start of my question :-).

But I guess it falls under the remit of removing the Launch Screen like you said, which is something your staff can't help with. Which is a bit of a shame, this is an expensive piece of kit after all and we're all license payers and support on any issue would be awesome.

I understand the need to have the launch screen, but Apple removed the reason the eLearning softwares (as Captivate and Lectora behave like this as well) do this, since now it can handle auto played media on initial load.

thanks for your help though and your reply, they are very much appreciated :-).

I hope with it occurring in browser on both laptop and iPad that this is something that your team would be able to investigate?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laith,

Thanks for letting me know you're seeing it in desktop browsers too (please be aware that  our list of supported browsers are detailed here).  As I mentioned, I can't assist with the behavior in the custom app or the launch screen removal, but I can look at the original .story file to test publishing it myself without those changes and then testing it in the browsers which are supported to see how it behaves. But since it sounds like you're indicating the code is what is breaking the video issues I'm not sure of what help that would be, as I can't offer advice around the Javascript code although we have a number of best practices documented here. 

Also, I did want to link to our support policy here in regards to what we can offer assistance with, and if it's not something staff can assist with folks in the forums may be able to help so it's always best to include as much info as possible including the .story file.