Video captured in Articulate not playing or previewing

Hi heroes,

Hoping someone can help.

On an evaluation copy, downloaded 5 days ago, I am following the excellent tutorial on capturing video and putting on a slide. All seems fine till I try and play the video on the slide or preview or publish it. Here are steps taken and the result:


1. Click capture, choose settings, select WORD and hit record...3,2,1... all good

2. Add a word, embolden it, then hit ESC. all good...

3. Video previews ok at this point. All good...

4. I choose to add as video on a brand new (only) slide in the new project. All good.

5. If I right click the video and select Preview it previews just fine. All good.

6. If I grab the playhead and move it manually it's all fine and plays. All good.


7. If I click the play button (bottom left) for the slide... nothing happens. Bad! (There's nothing else on the slide and it's the only slide and has 5 secs of video on it)   

8. If I select Preview from the HOME/PUBLISH tab nothing plays and I get the timer forever. Bad.

9. If I Publish it again nothing happens and I get the same timer spinning. Bad.

So, good folk of Hero land, any ideas? I;ve checked forums etc. and Flash settings but I do not see how the video can PREVIEW when captured, PREVIEW when rightclicked but not PREVIEW when using the PREVIEW button.

Also, how can it play OK when manually 'scrubbed' using the playhead but not when the 'play' button for the slide is used.

It suggests Flash is OK, it suggests the video file is not corrupted... just don't get it. Anyone got any ideas please.

Many thanks.

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