Video Compression

In Storyline 360, under the ribbon tab 'Video Tools/Options', the drop down menu for video compression is grayed out and stuck on Automatic. I desperately need to up the quality of the clip.

The video is approximately 1,700KB, in MP4 format. It has not been edited in the Storyline video editor or any other editing program and we only have one profile.

I've remade the video, tried other videos, and started a new project. I'm failing to get the drop down activated. 

I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Does anyone know what it is? Thank you in advance for advice!

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Kelley L

I'm game! Where would I find the option to change the profile of the video?

I did read the article before posting (thank you taking time to link it though - I love that) but I took the 'profile' to mean 360 account. I take it the article isn't referring to a teams account and is not talking someone else made the video and now I can't edit it?

I'm not sure what profile means or where to change the profile.