SABA LMS: Video Content not auto playing on ipad

Nov 06, 2018

Hi there all,

I am doing some testing on a new to me LMS- Saba, which I'm sure some of you are familiar with.  Most of my content is video in a slide layer set to auto play. I am publishing in HTML5 only from Storyline 360. It works 100% on desktop and android but the video just won't play on ipad and iphone devices.

It's not an external video- I've imported the files (short 1min segments per slide) as we're hoping we'll have offline capacty for people to view downloaded modules.

I'm sure this isn't a new issue and there must be an easy fix - do I need to set some java-script to make it auto play?  I even tried adding a play button to start the media playing on ipad and that still didn't work. 

Would love some help or tips on what to do to make it work on these devices - is there a publish setting I'm missing?

Thank you!

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Flossy Roxx

Thanks Ashley - I just went and updated to IOS 12 AND updated my Articulate 360 version as I found an article talking about video auto play issues published recently.  I then republished and managed to get it to play through Scorm Cloud but even republished with all updated software it is still not working through SABA LMS.  :(  Thank you for your links I will try them right now and let you know.

Flossy Roxx

Thanks for this Ashley - both of these work wonderfully through the browser on my IPad..  I just can’t seem to make the videos play in SABA LMS - I’ve let our technical contact there know, will be great to let them know I’ve had other help testing it / iPhone and not just me publishing it too.  

Process of elimination - Anyone you know use SABA LMS and use video as slide content?  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Glad to hear that they are working well! That's a good sign it's a combo of your LMS (Saba) and how it works with iOS. Do you see the course launching in a standard browser from Saba or is it in a particular LMS app? If the latter, that could be a part of it and I'd suggest finding a way to not use the app setup. 

Feel free to share my links with your LMS contact, they'll stay active for some time. 

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