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Crystal Horn

Hey Mark.  I can reproduce what you're seeing. 

  • When I have video controls enabled with no seekbar, tabbing to the video and pressing the space bar doesn't pause the video.
  • When I don't have the video controls enabled, I can tab to the video and use space to play/pause.
  • When I have the seekbar enabled, I can tab to the seekbar and use space to pause and resume the timeline.

It looks like the video controls are preventing the ability to tab to the video and use space to control it.  I'll get this issue documented -- I'm sorry it's interfering with your course design.

In the meantime, can you either eliminate the video controls, or tab to the seekbar as workarounds?

Crystal Horn

Hi Mark, no problem.  I'll post updates on this issue in this discussion (I've tagged it in my report).

Could you enable the seekbar in Player Properties, and then uncheck the seekbar on all slides except for your video slide?  You can select multiple slides in Story view and use your Slide Properties panel to remove the seekbar from slides that don't need it.

The seekbar will play in sync with your video if your video plays automatically in the slide.

Mark Chuah

Thanks Crystal. That is what I currently have as a very bad work around. Because you can't choose the tab order for player controls e.g. the seek bar and its play/pause/replay function, it makes it a very poor user experience for someone with a vision impairment as they will need to tab through all the elements on the screen before they can get to the player buttons. My client has also expressed dissatisfaction with this method.