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Rachel Delaney

Alyssa has there been an update on this.

I want learners to not have the ability to fastforward on first watch- or be able to hit the next button

But once course/ video is complete learners can fastforward and hit the next button. - Idea is they can come back to the course for a refresh. 

I currently add a transparent shape over my video seekbar- with a trigger to make it hidden after video completion 

I set the state of next button to disabled when timeline starts 

Change state of next button to normal when media completes- 


How do I make the next button normal when the course/video is complete if the learner returns at a later date? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rachel,

Storyline 360 has had an update to include a conditional seekbar, which prevents users from skipping ahead until they've completed a slide.

It looks like you may be using Storyline 3, so this feature is not included.

Your description sounds like you have everything working as expected except returning to this slide. You can make the Next button normal by adding the following:

  • Add a True/False variable that adjusts when the video ends, we can call it x for now with the default value of false. 
  • Trigger: Set Next button to Disabled when the timeline starts - and add the condition 'if x is false
  • Add trigger: Adjust variable x to true when media completes..'