Video Controls display wrong timecode after reaching end

Sep 24, 2014


I am having a problem with all videos I embed in Storyline and use the Display Video Controls setting for.

Once the video plays to the end and stops, the progress bar moves and is stuck on a timecode that is earlier than the ending timecode displayed.  Any ideas on how to fix this issue or is this a known bug? Attached are some screenshots, the project file is too big to attach here.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allisun,

This has previously been reported and it seems to be by design and happens when the user has previously clicked back in the seekbar for the video. The slide is returning to the last known state (the slide timeline, not the video). The video timeline is independent of the slide timeline when you seek within the video.

Hope that helps to clarify the issue. 

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