Video conversion requirements?

Aug 18, 2016

Good day!  Are there particular settings, or conversion requirements/tool(s) to ensure the quality of MP4 videos are maintained when inserting into Articulate Storyline?  The quality/resolution of all videos we insert is poor upon playback. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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Michele Friesen

Thanks Leslie.  The link has provided us with additional information for projects! 

In this instance (after some testing), we are thinking we may be able to best view the video "in a new browser window".  Do you know if it's possible to adjust the browser window to a larger size than the size of the project itself?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michele!

Articulate Storyline lets you control several aspects of the browser and player for your published course, including:
*  The size of the browser window
*  Whether the course stays locked at the same size or lets learners scale it by adjusting the size of their browser windows
*  Whether the course launches in a separate window and, if so, the properties of that window
See this tutorial for details.

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