Video courses lose connection with LMS on android

Feb 28, 2020


Please help me to solve the issue with playing video courses on android devices.

I use articulate 360 or Rise to make courses. Courses play very well on all platforms, but I discovered one bad issue. 

When users play courses which contain video on android devices (via browser or app) they can’t finish them because of disconnect with LMS (sap success factors) - usually they can’t push the answer buttons in the final test (it does not react). If I replay the course it continues on the slide before the video (that’s why i think that the issue is in video content). When I watch the same courses on iOS devices or PCs the issue don’t appear. 

Is there any way to fix it?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Yury!

Thank you for providing these helpful details! I haven't seen this issue before so I wonder if it's an issue with timing out or losing focus. 

Are you using an app to view the course on an Android? If so, what happens when you view the course in a web browser? You can upload the published .zip folder to Tempshare to generate a temporary URL to test the file in different environments.

Please keep me updated on what you find!

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