video does not display in Chrome for android (and IOS)

this bug seems to happen when you insert a video into a slide, without the video controls. On chrome for desktop (html5 version) and other browsers seems to play fine, while using chrome for android (on samsung s3 and nexus 7) and also ios on IPad, video stays black. I think this is due to the fact that the browser asks the play command to be managed by the user, and maybe it cannot be autoplayed by the application, is this right?

inserting the video controls, result in havin the play icon button over the video at the beginning, pressing on it will reproduce the video correctly.

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Patrick Doyle

I have the same problem as Zio

Here are the details:

  1. I publish to include Output to HTML 5, Use Articulate media player on iPad and Allow downloading for offline viewing
  2. The videos play in a browser when I select the presentation html file (flash)
  3. The videos do not play in a browser when I select "presentation_html5 file  (see attached files)
  4. I placed the project folder on a server and linked to the ioslaunch file. The file opened in the Articulate player and I downloaded for offline viewing. Videos will not play.

Any solutions?