Video doesn’t play – bug in Chrome

Sep 12, 2012

Hi everyone,

Recently some people noticed problems viewing video and web objects locally when Google Chrome is your default web browser.

It turns out there are a couple of bugs in Chrome that prevent the Adobe Flash Player from viewing these objects when not served from the Web.  It all works after you publish to your LMS or any other web server, it’s just broken when viewed locally.

You can read all the details about these two bugs here (and even comment to get them fixed faster)

Chromium Bug 137734 - Flash <-> JavaScript interactions broken

Chromium Bug 140755 - Chrome JW Player problems for local video

The workaround in the meantime is to choose another default browser like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. We really hope the Chromium team fixes these bugs soon. It’ll make our lives easier (we’re partial to Chrome…)



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