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Jul 13, 2012

I have imported a video into Storyline and now wish to change it for another. I have gone into the edit video screen, change video tab, selected new video and clicked open but nothing happens. I still have the old video and it will not change to the new video, what am I doing wrong?

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Andrew Elder

Welcome to Heroes Simon! What kind of video are you uploading? Storyline natively supports FLV, MP4, and SWF (tho a host of others can be imported and will be converted to MP4). 

Demo: I made a Screenr post swapping a video in Storyline using the method you described. See if these are the same steps you followed.

Let me know how you make out. If all else fails, simply delete the first video and insert the new. Also, check out this tutorial on Adding Video to Storyline for the basics.

David Jones


I just ran into this issue as well with a course requiring me to replace 60 videos each with several interactions with variables etc. it would have been a nightmare if the change video option did not work.  In my particular case, by changing the file name of the native replacement video and retrying the replacement steps, it caused the 'change video' option to work correctly.

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