Video Editing Software

I'm cross-posting this, hoping to get some quick feedback.

Since there aren't video editing tools in Replay/Storyline, does anyone have any suggestions on video editing software that we could use? We find that it would be great to edit out pauses in audio and the "ums" in the audio and edit out frames of video at times.

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Rick Nusz

I'll throw a vote in for camtasia. It's more than just video editing though. You can take your video and overlay text, symbols, etc. I think they're called 'callouts'. You can also pan and zoom to specific areas on the screen giving the end user a closeup of something you want to emphasize. Camtasia will also seperate the audio from the video to give you two tracks to play with. I had a project recently that had to get done quickly and was very video intensive and camtasia got me there just in time!

Adobe After Effects is also cool but the learning curve is steep (or it was for me).

Although an older program that hasn't been upadated in a while, I will occasionally still use Wink by DebugMode. It's more usefule for desktop recording but you could load a video and annotate it. They also make a program called Wax, but I never used it much.

Windows Movie Maker is slim on capability but I have used it to put together a sort of animated gif montage showing something being opened and them synched the audio to it. MS also has something called Lightworks thats freemium and boasts some Hollywood films in its credits but it looked to me like it was for fixing films after the fact. Lighting and color correction and such.

Again, Camtasia is pretting cool once you get the hang of the interface, which is much eazsier to learn than Adobe. It took me about half a day to be up and running with it.

Hope that helps!