Video File Not Playing on iPad


I have imported an .mp4 video (from file) into a storyline slide, exported it for LMS (I'm using Moodle). It plays fine on everything but the iPad. I tried all of different settings for playing the video (automatically, from trigger etc.) but non of these seem to work (tested on Safari and Chrome for iPad).

I have the latest version of Storyline (update 10: 1607.1221) and iOS (10.0.2). Can you help me in any way with this? We are at a final stage of developing a course and this is a major problem for us.

I've attached a testing slide if you can have a look.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marina,

I published using Storyline 2 Update 10 and I uploaded this to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing LMS content and you can view it here. I tested it on iOS9 and had two colleagues test on iOS 10 and all of us had the video play normally. Can you test that one out and let me know how it behaves for you? It may be a different with how Moodle is interesting with iOS 10 so if this one works you'll want to reach out to your LMS Team. 

Christine Love

I am having this issue as well. The video doesn't even appear on the slide. It worked fine, even though it would not play automatically, when we tested the file on the PC, iPad, and tablets over the SCORM cloud. However, when integrating with the client's LMS, they reported that the videos did not appear or play. Even the video control bar, when present, did not show in the module. We are so close to closing out this project! Please let me know how/if this issue was resolved.

The client is running iOS 10.1.1 with a SCORM 1.2 system. We use the html 5 output, not the AMP. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Christine.  I'm really sorry- I can feel your frustration since you're close to finishing up!

You mentioned that the file tested fine in SCORM Cloud; that usually indicates to us that the file is ok on the authoring end; there might be something going on with the LMS side.  Have you been able to connect with your LMS support?  If you'd like, you can share your file with us here and we can test on SCORM Cloud to help confirm!

Ryan Mci

From what I can see it is an issue with how iOS 10 handles videos when you are logged onto a system. A Storyline file on our website plays fine on iOS 10, but when uploaded to Moodle the videos do not load.

Apple have changed the browser so that if the video file does not have a session length cookie set it reports a HTTP 407 error. This happened previously in iOS 7 but Apple changed it back in a point release, It seams Apple are this time saying that it is not a bug. Therefore, it is an issue that the LMS or other system providers will have to deal with. Moodle for example, are working on it and it will be dealt with in Moodle 3.2 

It is not just LMS's but any system that requires a login and does not set the session cookie length on video files that is affected.

Ryan Mci

It is not necessarily all sites with a log in. It is only those sites that require a log in AND do not set the session length cookie on video files. SCORM Cloud may already set this cookie and therefore the videos load fine, current versions of Moodle (and i suspect other systems) do not set this.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ryan, Christine, Susi, and Marina.

I wanted to reach out here and see if you all have had success with the latest update of iOS 10.2 to resolve this issue within your courses posted on your LMS? We saw a couple other ELH members share in this discussion that it was resolved for them - so I hope you're able to see the same thing!