Video footage freezing


Has anyone come across this problem?

I am working on a module, which is very media heavy (around 60 video clips and 40 or so audio).

Everything was working fine as we went through the various iterations of the build until 1 clip has started to freeze, and of course, holds everything else up.

Initially, I couldn't replicate the fault as the scene played fine on my machine and when I accessed it using MY Review site.

Then it occurred to me that I should try to view the scene as a third party would via the Review generated link. Now I get the same problem the footage freezes at the same place every time. I tried splitting the footage in two (footage freezes audio plays), duplicating the master footage and inserting that, duplicating the scene, and so on - everything I can think of. Every other piece of content plays fine. So, brighter people than me. Any suggestions are very welcome.


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micheal osullivan

Thanks Lauren,

I appreciate you responding.

We found a workaround, it wasn't ideal but we had a deadline to meet.

I would like to try and troubleshoot the problem - but - I am explicitly
prevented from sharing any of the material by the NDA.

Hopefully, it will not occur again.

Kind Regards


Michael O'Sullivan

Digital Technology Training
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