Video for quiz feedback.

Nov 03, 2012

I would like to put a short video when a student submits  incorrect answer to a quiz question.

When they click the submit button and it's wrong, a short video with some additional information or a hint will play, then they can try the quiz question again.

How would I do that/

Thanks much.


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Kevin,

There are multiple ways you can achieve this. It is not exactly clear if you whether you want that video to "play on incorrect answer" of a specific question (lets call this case 1) or all of them (case 2).

Case 1
The less obtrusive -so to speak- way of doing this is to create a new layer inside the specific question slide and place the video in that layer. Uncheck hide other slide layers on the slide layer properties box of your new layer and the Try Again layer. Then click on the "Try Again" layer and place a trigger "Show layer X when timeline starts". Be sure to check that the Try Again layer contents don't overlap with the video.

Case 2

If you want to make this functionality available for your quiz slides throughout your story, then instead of creating a new layer you should modify the master feedback slide directly by adding the video (and an additional text placeholder for your varying feedback) in the "Try Again Feedback Layout" slide.

Hope this helps,

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