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Dec 18, 2014

Hello all,

Is there a recommended video format for videos to be imported into Storyline 2? What does Storyline 2 compress video format to?

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Michelle DJ

Thanks Ashley for your reply!

My main concern is that I don't want to bog-down file size if Storyline is going to compress the videos to a much smaller format. Since I have the option, it would be ideal to get the videos as close to their final resolution as possible.

The video quality is HDTV 1080.

Does Storyline 2 have a fixed publishing resolution based on player settings?

If so, what would be the output resolution for a Story-file that is set to not open in a new window but the player will scale to the browser winder. For Mobile and Desktop.

RE: "as a lot of that will depend on your overall story size" Can you explain further? In an older thread, I believe you mentioned that SL2 doesn't have a max. file size, but that performance is based on the user's system. How would this impact resolution outputs?

Many, many thanks for your help!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle, 

It sounds like we may be talking about two different things - screen resolution vs. overall file size.

In regards to the compression, Storyline will automatically compress video and other media files as a part of the normal publishing process described here. This is designed to give you the smallest possible file size while still keeping quality - although depending on the original quality of your media files it may be noticeable and unwanted. Luckily, Storyline 2 has the option to not compress video files - and leave the original video untouched. 

The resolution based on player settings, isn't fixed - as some element of that will depend on the users browser and monitor resolution. For the least change in how your published output looks from when you designed it to how a user viewed it, you'll want to lock the player size (not allow it to scale) and scale the browser to fit the player. This may be a user specific preference though - and if the overall story size is smaller - may look too small on some monitors (think larger screen, very high resolution, like a Mac with a retina display). 

I mentioned story size, which refers to the slide staging area - not the overall file size. You can set the story size as described here. 

I'm not an instructional designer by any means, so what you'd choose and what is right for story size, resolutions of videos, the player/browser settings - I'd leave that up to you to determine based on your users, and possibly other community members may weigh in here on their thoughts for those items.

Hope that helps and please let us know if you need anything else. 

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