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Feb 18, 2014


I'm trying to come up with the best way to take videos out of the Storyline file, and have them on Vimeo/Youtube instead. And I get lost.

I'm not sure if there are different ways to do this. The way I'm doing it is Insert - Video - Video from Website, and then I past the embed code, but perhaps I can also make it a Web Object? First question: What different ways are there to show Vimeo/Youtube films in Storyline, and what is the difference between them?

For my Vimeo video I can't preview or see the film after the project is published, but I have to put it up on a FTP server (which works, but it would save me A LOT of work if I could see the film when previewing the page and directly after the project has been published).

Also the film places itself on top of all other layers. Is there a way to decide the layer order here?

For my Youtube video (here I only picked a random one, not one of my own) it seems I can decide the layer order, and preview the film. I can though not see it when the project is published, but have to put in up on the FTP as with the Vimeo one.

Also the Youtube player doesn't come with the video (I don't want to use the one built in in Storyline, but to be able to edit it to match the look and feel of the project I'm working on), and I can't make it full screen. Also the Youtube logo is shown. All of this might though be something that I can adjust if I have my own Youtube account?

My second question is therefore: What is the difference in using a Vimeo and a Youtube video in Storyline?

So glad for any help!


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