Video from web streaming server.

Jan 15, 2015

I am trying to embed a video into storyline2 from our streaming server, but it seems the application is indexing the video location incorrectly.  In the examples given, the embed code to use is an iframe, easy enough, but when uploaded and run, the slide displays an error saying the html page doesn't exist in that path.  But it seems the path is going back 2 directories too far. it should be relative.

Given the attachments, you can see the files are sitting in the test/story directory but the system is looking for test/story/story_content but it should be looking for /story_content.  The files are already in the test/story folder.  Seems a rendering error.

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William Uhring

Thanks Emily,

No, all I am doing is placing a video on the slide which is from an online source, Using the example in the link you provided, I simply change out the source location with my source location,  But, when it is rendered and run, the slide kicks an error instead of playing the video, The error is attached earlier,  The error is because the program is looking for the source link in the wrong directory, I dont have control over that, that is how storyline2 renders the location of the file 6p4LjGL2PBU.html, which it cannot find.  It works in storyline 1.  Storyline2 kicks an error.

Here is a one slide example of what I am trying to do.  Uploaded to view the error,

And I have attached the story file it was made from.  If I do the exact same process in storyline 1 it works.,

Another note, the reason I am doing this test is to verify that I can control a video from the web using a custom control.  It also does not appear to work in this example.

Thanks for your help.

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