Video from website iFrame issues


When using the "Insert > Video from website"  feature I have encountered 2 problems and I'm hoping there may be a solution to them.

  • The first is that when testing the published content in IE8 and the latest versions of Chrome and FireFox, I noticed that Chrome doesn't display the iFrame at all when viewing the project using the default (flash) player, but it works fine in the HTML5 player.  Is there a fix for this?
  • And the second is that in the (default) flash player the iFrame seems to sit on top of the other content (as if it has the highest z-index), the contents popup panel in the image below is on a layer in the master slide, and on all other pages sits above the page contents but apparently not with video iFrames.  In the HTML5 player the popup contents is in-front of the video as it should be.   Is there a solution to this?

Any help appreciated


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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Ashley.

It looks like you are bumping up against this known issue.  Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this problem other than to host your videos on YouTube and insert them via Video from Website, where they are wrapped in a Flash control that solves this issue.  As you noted, our HTML5 published output is not affected by this behavior.

Peter Johnson

I have a video  loaded on video servers and was having the same issues. I tried disabling Flash but just got Adobe error messages about not having the most recent version.

I used the Insert/Video/Video from website and pasted in the iframe code I got from the video server.

I had published the Articulate Storyline as a Web with "Include HTML 5 output" checked. This gave me an new file story_html5.html.

I can view the published presentation in all five browsers: IE 11, FireFox 29, Google Chrome 37, Opera 12, and Safari 7.

Key Points

  • Use iframe code from the video server.
  • Use insert video from website
  • Publish with "include HTML 5 output"

I hope this is helpful for others.