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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris - Yes, you would be able to create a placeholder for video from a website on the Feedback Master. First, you would click VIEW, and choose Feedback Master. From there, choose Insert Placeholder, and from the dropdown, choose Web Object. Hope that helps, and please let us know if you need additional assistance!

Chris Dorna

Hi Ashley and Christie. It is indeed possible to add a placeholder for video. But I can only use this placeholder to add a videofile and not for adding an iframe with a link to a video.

For a project I am working on we have several video's on Vimeo that we want to add to our courses on feedback layers

Soren J Birch

Submitted this request again. I see that you can now insert video from content library. But honestly, I never use those videos. But as Chris Dorna asked, the feature Insert video from Website is used by us in our projects constantly. Therefore I would like this feature on the master slide placeholder for video.