Video heavy courses to HTML5 not using the Articulate App

We have a unique set of challenges, but it seems to be a growing need for us and I expect for others, so we're looking for a robust solution.

The Brief

Clients are asking us for video heavy courses, (up to 60 videos) of varying lengths (1-10 mins each), to be deployed to iPad and other tablets as well as desktop.

The Challenges

We understand that using the Articulate Player app on the iPad would help, however, we cannot communicate course completion back to the client LMS if we go that way, so we have to rely on the HTML5 version for iPad.

Importing the videos directly into Storyline creates large files which frequently cause the iPad browser to crash. We understand this is because SL loads all videos up front rather than streaming them.

We've gotten creative and have used the embed video from website option to place and stream locally hosted videos. This was working nicely until the latest update.

HTML5 output in SL seems to be glitchy. Of course much of this is down to the limitations of HTML5, but the issues seem to be somewhat sporadic and nebulous. We frequently find ourselves trying to solve new HTML5 issues for each course which kills profitability and risks course quality.

What We Need

We need a solution for producing reliable and stable HTML5/iPad ready courses that contain both interactivity and video.

What solutions are people using out there?

How have you solved these issues both using Storyline, and if there are other products that solve this more effectively and reliably, what are they?

We LOVE Storyline and are really hoping that we can find a viable way to produce HTML5 courses using this tool.

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