Video imported from Kaltura has incorrect captions. How do I turn them off?

I embedded a video from our company-branded Kaltura platform into a Storyline wrapper - so it can be uploaded to our LMS. 

The captions are incorrect, and we would like to turn them off until they are fixed. I thought I could do this from Kaltura, but when the video plays in the wrapper, the captions default to the "on" option. 

Is this a setting I need to adjust in Storyline?



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Vincent Scoma

Hi Nyla, 

Great question!

What might help, is to check your player settings and see if the closed captions are enabled. You can check the player settings by: 

  • Navigating to the Home tab in Storyline
  • Click on the Player icon
  • When the Player Properties menu appears, check the settings under controls to see if the captions are enabled: 

After checking on the player settings, if the captions are disabled but you continue to see the closed captions for the video, please let us know