Video in layer but audio plays in Base Layer

Has someone had this problem? I have 6 different layers and different videos on different layers. If I click somewhere on the Base Layer, audio of one of those videos starts to play. 

The structure: on the Base Layer there's a dial, turning dial makes different pop up come up. Clicking the button on the pop up takes you to specific layer where there's a video.

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Ville Lehtonen

Pausing timeline of base layer in settings don't work for this problem. And using triggers don't work because I can't add a trigger to base layer and set it to stop media of other layers. Weirdly enough, it always actually plays the audio of the second video, not any other even though the video format and setting are exactly the same as in other videos. And when I delete the second video from its layer, clicking base layer plays the audio of the third video.

Katie Riggio

We really appreciate you initially troubleshooting here with us, and are sorry you're still running into this problem, Ville!

I saw you shared the .story file with my teammate, Jonathan–nice! We'll continue to dig deeper, and you should hear back from him shortly with some next steps to try. I'll follow the case as well!