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I have a course with lots of mp4 videos. For each video, I'm using the zoom region. For some reason, the play button for the timeline is now greyed out, but I can still play the timeline using the space bar. I'm playing the timeline to know where to insert a new zoom region as I have multiple ones per video. But when I preview the slide, the video timing is slightly different and my zooms are off. Anyone experienced this? Anyone have a better way of syncing your zoom regions to video?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sandie!

A bug has been identified in Adobe Flash Player that breaks features in many applications, including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Studio. For example, in Storyline:
* You'll see a blank screen when you preview a project.
* The preview area of the player properties window is blank.
* The timeline preview feature doesn't work.
* You can't preview videos, Flash movies, or web objects.
* You can't edit videos.
* You can't import Engage interactions into Storyline courses.
Adobe and Microsoft have fixed the issue for Windows 10, 7, and Vista. Microsoft will push the fix to Windows 8 computers on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.
Follow the steps in this article for your version of Windows to fix the problem or, if you're using Windows 8, to rollback to your previous version of Flash Player.
Christie Pollick

Hi, Sandie -- So sorry to hear of your troubles! Can you please confirm if you are seeing the same behavior in the intended environment? And also, as there were recently issues with Preview and Flash, please see this information and let us know if you find improvement. If issues persist, you may also want to check out this info. on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior to run through the troubleshooting steps listed. 

sandie coco

I am able to play the video. I had been in the project file using the timeline to play the video so I can see where to add zoom regions. That's when the play and stop icon in the timeline greyed out. I was still able to play the timeline using the spacebar and the video played.

The problem I'm having is that the video is not always in sync with the timeline. For instance, I play the timeline from the start and add a zoom region. Then I put the playhead at a different time to play from that point on instead of listening to the whole video again from the beginning. But when I play the timeline from anywhere besides the beginning, I cannot the video is in sync with the timeline. Wondering how others add multiple zoom regions. If I have to play the timeline from the beginning, this project will take a lot longer to complete.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sandie -- Did you want to maybe go ahead and share your file so we can take a look to get a better idea of the behavior you have described? It looks like there might be a thread that is posing a somewhat similar question over here, but I am not sure I am entirely clear on what you're encountering, so it would be helpful if we could check it out!

Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box here in the thread, and browse/upload from there. :) 

sandie coco

Thanks Christie. I cannot post my files publicly due to IP. I am having basically the same issue as the one you linked to above. With my situation,  I'm noticing that the mp4 file is not in sync with the timeline. The mp4 videos are recordings of a software interface. My goal is to insert zoom regions so we can follow the mouse in the video. In order to know where to add a zoom, you have to play the timeline to see the video. I can add a zoom and then play the video again and the zoom is off. This is due to the video not being in sync with the timeline.

After reading the other thread, I don't think Storyline is robust enough to fix this. Adding 4 & 5 zooms to one timeline is tedious and tough with this issue. I have resorted to using Premiere to add keyframes for scale & position to make the zooms. This way the zooms are embedded within the mp4 file and I can guarantee they will be in sync.

Christie Pollick

Your follow up is appreciated, Sandie. It sounds like your workaround using Premiere for adding keyframes for scale and position to make the zooms will work, but it is not ideal. Unfortunately, I do not have any additional suggestions to offer at this time, but if you would like your file to be confidentially reviewed by our Support Engineers (as they may have other suggestions), please feel free to use this form and I will be sure to monitor their progress. 

Christie Pollick

UPDATE: For those who come across this thread seeking assistance for the recent Flash-related issue mentioned above, please see the following:

Good news! Adobe and Microsoft have fixed the Flash Player bug that broke many applications just before the new year, including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Studio.

Here's how to install the latest Adobe/Microsoft update so you can preview your e-learning projects, edit videos, and launch CD-published courses again.