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Mar 20, 2019


  • i have a video embedded into my project in a lightbox slide which the user clicks to play in slide 2. 
  • I would like the project to move to slide 3 when they have watched the video. At the moment I have a trigger on slide 2 to move to the next slide when timeline ends but it does't seem to work, maybe because i have a lightbox slide? - I have attached my source file in the hope you can help



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Jane,

You currently have a trigger on slide 2 that isn't linked to anything, which is why your slide is not advancing.

The reason you can't assign your video (the Object) to this trigger is because it resides on another slide. The way round this is to use a variable that changes from False to True when your video completes on your lightbox slide and then use that variable to close the lightbox slide and move to the next slide once the video has finished.

I have put the bare bones in the attached demo, which should hopefully be easy to follow. Any queries, please don't hesitate to ask. If, after setting up your variable, the slide advances, but the lightbox slide is still visible, check that you have the triggers in the correct order.

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