Video independant from timeline and other animations

Dear All,

I am facing some problems with bigger videos in storyline.

When uploading the finished course to my company’s server one video apparently takes some time to load.

Normally not a big problem, however I have implemented some additional animations that are on top of the video. Now when I play the slide the video loads, however the timeline already starts. The result is that video and other animations are not synchronized anymore (video is behind 5-10 seconds).

Is there a way to really fix both timelines together? Or do you have any good ideas how to fix this?

Many thanks and best regards,


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Charles Zoffuto

Dear Max,

I have not tested this, but it might be worth a try. If we assume that the video would be loading in the background when the slide loads, then you could put the video and the associated animations onto a layer.You give the learner something to look at on the slide that would occupy them for the minute or so that it takes for the video to load then they could click to play the video. Then everything would be loaded up and ready to go.

What would be cool is to have a trigger that would pause the slide until all media is loaded then once that happens either the media would play or a "play" button would appear.

Gerry Wasiluk

Just curious--where is the video in the course?  Is it one of the first three slides?

Storyline downloads the first three slides, starts playing, and then is downloading most of the rest of the course into cache.

So sometimes just delaying a video until later helps.

Can you break up the video into multiple slides and make it look like one long slide to the learner?

Max Hilpert

Dear Charles, dear Gerry,

thank you for your quick replies.

Unfortunately the video is the intro and is on the second slide (after one static title slide). This makes it very difficult or impossible to just keep learners busy.

I will now try to break the video into multiple slides. Thanks for the idea.

More ideas are highly appreciated Maybe there is a way to really link both (animations and video) together?



Gerry Wasiluk

Another thing I did . . .

I just did this for a course I'm working on to gain time for caching.  I added two six-second slides on the course is loading.  The loading message fades in and out and the slides move ahead automatically.

Then I added a third slide that tells the learner the course is narrated and has videos--and that they should have their speakers or headphones on before proceeding.  There is a "GO" button on this slide that then starts the course.

So these are the first three slides in the course and are light.  This builds in time for the rest of the course to start downloading and be in cache for the learner.

I needed this for a course that will also be accessed with iPads and starts off with a large video, which doesn't work well with an iPad.