Video "Insert from File" for .MOV orientation is incorrect

I have a .MOV movie format with a size of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Storyline will not maintain the correct orientation of the video when inserted into a slide. The video is inserted rotated 90 degrees to the left.

Storyline does not provide a "rotate" option to correct this problem.

What can be done to fix the insert video "orientation" error?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ray,

It sounds like odd behavior - so I'd first want to confirm that you're working with local project files as working on a network or USB drive could cause unusual behavior.  Additionally are you able to narrow down if this happens with every .MOV you insert or in every Storyline file? If you're able to isolate the issue to a particular file, that may indicate something within the particular .MOV or Storyline project that could have become corrupt. If you're able to replicate this in any Storyline project with the same MOV file (or any MOV file), I'd begin by conducting a repair of Storyline.  If the behavior persists after that, please let us know as we'd want to take a further look. You can share the files here in the forums or I can let you know how to send along to me privately. 

Ray Mooney

The problem seems to be with .MOV files of a "portrait" format view versus a "landscape" orientation.

I have attempted to attach an example .MOV file to this post but I do not see that it has been attached. Let me know if you do not receive the example .MOV file.

THANKS for your assistance!!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Ray - I just replied to your case, and it seems the issue is connected to how the MOV is converted to an MP4. To confirm this, I also tested by converting in Handbrake ( and the same rotation occurred.

I've shared this with our QA team, but I don't have a time frame to offer in regards to a fix. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing that here - the trial is a full version of the software and should behave the same. As far as rerecorded it upside down - definitely not perfect but hopefully an easy enough workaround for now. To try to confirm this is a video you record on your iPhone 6 and then import to your computer to use within Storyline? I wanted to confirm the steps to see if I could give it a try later (I'd record myself now - but the folks at the coffee shop may be weirded out).

David Thurman

Hi Ashley,
Yes, I recorded the video on my iPhone 6 and uploaded it to my computer via USB. Tried emailing it from my phone but to no avail.

I could not change the orientation using Storyline 2; the "Rotation" option was greyed out.

I have downloaded Articulate Studio '13, but was concentrating on the project in Storyline2 so have not opened Studio yet. I wonder if one of those programs might be used to change the orientation?

Still would be better to be able to do one stop shopping in Storyline.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Sorry for the delay - first I did want to mention that when you respond via email your signature is included and it looks as if your mobile number came through. You're welcome to edit the post and remove that if necessary.

As for the video behavior, this is still the case with MOV files inserted, and I found the issue previously reported and it's still with our QA team. It does appear the same behavior exists in Powerpoint as Storyline, so it would also be the same in Presenter. So I'd look at continuing to use the workaround you mentioned earlier or editing it in another program prior to importing into Storyline/Studio. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen and David,

I heard back from our QA team about this issue and while they're continuing to investigate it they did share another workaround.  You'll want to group the video with another object (for example, a shape behind the video; the other object can be smaller than the video so it's hidden behind it), then rotate the grouped object 90°. It won't look rotated in Storyline, but it will be rotated correctly when you preview/publish.

Hope that helps in the meantime, and we'll keep you posted as to any other updates.