Video integration in Storyline

Dec 07, 2017

I'm using video clips in the course I'm creating. Most of the video's are interactive in the course. In other words, the video will pause at different times and present a question to the audience or other interaction like hot spots. What is the best way to optimize the video for Storyline? file type, size, etc. Should I place the videos in the course or should I stream the video's from YouTube? I'm using GoPro cameras to capture the video's.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Don!  Videos you insert directly into your course will be synced up to the timeline, and that might work best for you in terms of having those interactive moments appear when you want.

Here's some detail on working with video in Storyline.  Several formats are supported, and you can choose whether Storyline compresses those files and how quality is handled during publishing!

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