Video Issue - An Interesting Challenge

Jan 04, 2016

So, I've got a course that is the shell for a 5-minute explainer video I've had created for me. I embedded the explainer video on page one, plays automatically when the learner opens the course. "Show until End" is checked. The page is set to "automatically" advance as opposed to "by user." When the video ends, the course automatically advances to page two which summarizes the video, shows the learner the resources tab and gives them an "Exit the Course" button. I give credit when the learner hits page two. (No quiz). This all works fine...UNLESS...the learner clicks his/her mouse on the screen while the video is playing which pauses the video until they click it with the mouse again. When a learner does this, the progress bar continues to move...and when they start the video again and watch it through, the page advances before the video is is mistimed by the number of seconds they paused the video by clicking on it. Now, the progress bar has a pause button and if they pause the progress bar, this issue doesn't happen...only when they click on the video itself. I don't know why one would click on the video, but with several thousand users, it only takes one or two right?  So, I'm wondering how to prevent this contingency.

How can I keep the video from pausing if someone descides to click on the screen while it's playing OR how can I keep the page from advancing too quickly if they do? If I change from "Automatically", to "By User", I'm guessing that would work, but then the user could advance before the video is over and if they came back, they'd have to start over. We want them to stay all five minutes.

Got any suggestions?



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