Video issue in ipad "Storyline"

I am having problems with a slide when I have audio and video on the same slide. I have a voice over taht plays for 12 seconds or so, and then the video should start playing, works good in preview but when I try it in the ipad (HTML5) the audio doesnt play and the video has to be clicked to play... any idea why this happens?

Thank you!


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Dante Vidal

Hello Michael, thanks for the reply, I tried averything possible, even created a new presentations form scratch, the truth is I believe the ipad version of storyline presentations is buggy, audio narrations play sometime and sometimes they don't. same goes for videos, I am also trying out Articulate Online ot work with Storyline and when I play it in the ipad id doesn;t report it as completed even thought i completed the presentation. I wish someone from articulate can answer these questions..

Jamie Morgan

Typically someone from Articulate responds within a day or two. Obviously with Storyline just launching, they are probably getting slammed with questions.

As for the audio/video question - it may simply be an issue of playing it in HTML5 via the mobile browser versus inside the Articulate Mobile Player app. There is a known limitation of HTML5 only being able to play one media at a time - I'm wondering if that is the issue here. Make sure the audio file truly ends before the video is supposed to start otherwise the double media is going to cause a problem in HTML5. Not sure if this is the issue or not but figured I'd throw it out.

Peter Anderson

Hi Dante,

The Articulate Mobile Player app is really going to give you the best mobile experience, as you won't be able to play multiple audio or video resources at the same time with HTML5. You can learn more about that here. In fact, here's a helpful matrix which demonstrates what each published format can and cannot do. 

As far as the tracking question, I'd recommend taking a look at this article, which discusses viewing and tracking Storyline content in Articulate Online, including the forthcoming project called Tin Can

I hope you find that helpful, Dante. Let us know if there are any further questions.

Steve Kauffman


If I may, there is an issue with the mobile player if your users are required to log into an LMS.  We are running into this right now, and there doesn't seem to be a solution.  We are having issues with video running in the modules we are creating, we have tried several video formats, and still nothing is working.  We have made sure that the MIME for both mp4 and FLV are enabled on the LMS server, but still no luck.

I hope Articulate can find a solution quickly, since most people like the ability to use video in modules for the mobile users.

Mike Enders


Are you seeing this in mobile Safari on the iPad?  If so, could you share some specs on the iPads (iPad model, iOS version) and share a sample slide with a video that isn't working?  Also, have you tested in a non-LMS environment to see if it's an issue outside of the LMS?  Would love to track this down...


Michael Hardin

We are also having this issue on several different iPads (iPad 2 w/iOs 6.1.3 and iPad 4 w/iOS 6.1.3) with both Safari and Goggle Chrome.  Sometimes the audio on a slide plays, sometimes it doesn't, but when it doesn't it is constant throughout the lesson.  With the videos, even though they are set to play automatically most, but not all, of them have to be clicked to start them.  Also, sometimes the "Retry Quiz" button works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes when it does work the subsequent time it won't allow an answer to be selected.

Chrome seems to function properly more consistantly, but when begining the lesson, it gives an error "unable to aquire LMS API, content may not play properly and results may not be recorded."  If you click ok, it opens a tab with some error info that it can't report back to the LMS and when you finish the course, you are not marked as complete.

We can't use the Articulate Player app, so these inconsistancies are really causing us issues.

Zio Fonta

same problem here vith video on ipad and chrome for android.It seems a configuration of ios from version 6 and earlier, video only works if you insert the attached controller. on mobile you will see the play icon and the controlled attached. the problem is that you will have that control video also on desktop version. Since in desktop version it stays outside the video, you can cover it with a graphic element, i did it this way, anyway i have already recieved lot of complaints for the bad management of video in html5 version, also generally for the bad quality of html5 version (why all text are converted to png?????? html5 supports webfont usage, you could build an engine to generate all webfonts to be used in a project and relative css, it is not that complicated in my opinion, but the result would be extremely better!)