Video ISSUE: It is importing with a different width size - it corrects if I edit and save the length of the video within SL360

I'm having an issue with importing videos in Storyline 360.

The size of the video is 720 width and 576 height before importing.  When I import the video to the slide and inspect it, the size shows that at 100%, the the video is 768 x 576.

I thought I was crazy, but it happened on my co-workers computer.

Even more strange, I edited the video to trim the length for testing reasons, and after I saved/closed the editing window, the video now shows that at 100% the width matches the size before import (now 720 width x 576).

* It's not just the numbers being off in the settings.  After editing the video, it is no longer filling the stage size that I had to change to match what SL was showing. 

I have the same video on 2 slides now.  The imported video is the 768 x 576 and I have the other slide with the edited / trimmed video that is 72o x 776

I cannot attach the storyline file, but I took some screenshots and put into one image.  (See attached image) It shows a snip of the size shown in a Microsoft windows folder, and below that is the Storyline snip that shows the different size after import (with a #1 in the image) and then to the right of that, it shows a snip of the edited video's settings that show it as the correct original size (with a #2 in the image.)


Has anyone else had this strange issue?


Kyle M.

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Kyle Main

Help please,

I do not want to always have to trim each video so I do not want to edit these videos just to have them display the size that they import.  If I edit the video then since it will resize the video width, If I set the video size with Storyline it will look stretched.

Has anyone seen this happen?

Staff, has anyone reported this same issue?
It is doing it for the first 42 videos we have imported at 1 per Storyline file.

Thanks for help, we will need to open each file again and reset the settings and republish all 42 files, so before we do this to all 300+ videos, it would be nice to get it right early on.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Kyle,

Thanks so much for letting us know what you're seeing, and I'm sorry this is causing you headaches! I tested the video import and recorded my steps using Peek--you can watch that video here. As you can see, the original video was 720x1280, and the size was the same after import.

You definitely shouldn't have to trim each video before inserting it, so I'd like to have our support engineers weigh in on why this might be happening and suggest a solution for you. You can reach them directly right here, and they're available 24/7 to assist! If you do decide to open a case, please let me know your case number so I can follow along. 

Alyssa Gomez

Absolutely, Kyle! And no problem at all. My colleague Victor has taken your case, and he's doing some testing now. He'll connect back with you shortly!

Also I wanted to mention that responding via email includes your email signature here. No worries on our end—just wanted to let you know in case you didn’t want to share it publicly. :)