Video issues (CC and timing)

Hello! I have some Storyline projects that each contain a video with closed captioning. When testing in our LMS, I have been experiencing an issue with the closed caption button where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The work around I found for this is to restart the video or module from the beginning and then the CC button works. 

A 2nd issue I am having with these videos is that although the video has ended, there is a delay at the end of a couple of the videos. The slide is set to jump to next slide when timeline ends on the slide with the video but take a while before doing so. I tried changing the trigger to set the slide to jump to the next slide after the media completes but that did not help either. 

Hoping someone can provide some insight as to why these issues may be occurring and what I can do to alleviate the problems. Thank you!

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Sam Hill

Hi Susan, I'm not sure about the first issue, but the second issue can occur when there is a large file on the next slide which takes time to download. A test to confirm if this is the case, is to run through the entire module (caching it in your browser) and see if the issue occurs after the files have been cached in your browser.

I've seen it happen randomly before, and haven't been able to pinpoint the cause and have put it down to temporary network issues.

Haven't seen the CCs issue before. Hopefully somebody else have some insight on that one for you, otherwise I'd recommend raising a support case.