Video issues introduced when converting SL1 to SL2

Dec 16, 2015

We upgraded to Storyline 2 some time back and ran our courses through the conversion process, and we're finding some issues being introduced into videos that worked fine under SL1.  In one video, there is a glitch on both audio and video that wasn't present in the SL1 version.  The glitch is visible in a preview, but when published, the video locks up at the location of that glitch.  A second video was examined in another program, and we found an unusual gap in the audio where scenes in the source video change.  This one doesn't halt playback in preview or publish, but the audio gap is quite clear.

The .story files in SL1 do not show these issues.  We are correcting them by in-place file replacements, but it's a tedious process.  I'm aware that others have experienced issues with conversion, but I've not yet found a post specifically mentioning video issues.  Has anyone experienced similar problems?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi CL!

Are you able to replace with the same video files and have them work correctly? Do you thinks something perhaps happened during this particular file upgrade or are you having problems across files?

If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to share the SL1 file so that we can view the original and go through the update process. 

C. L. Norman

On some assets, we have had success by changing the .story extension to .zip, extracting the files to a separate location, and replacing via Change Audio/Change Video.  As far as I can tell, the only things the problem assets have in common are that they were all converted from SL1 projects, and all were edited in some manner within SL1/SL2 (cropped, trimmed, etcetera).  So far we've seen the issues with the first two converted .story files we've been working with.  When we move to a third, I can hopefully provide more helpful observations.

I'll try to secure a non-confidential sample to post.

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