Video issues using Articulate Storyline 360

I'm having issues with videos loaded directly into the slide when the published version gets to the LMS that we are testing with.  First, there is a long wait with the spinning loading image when going from scene to scene.  Also, the videos (some 30MB in size) aren't playing as expected. When trying to scrub with the progress bar, the video will start back from the beginning (progress bar stays the same) in both the Chrome and IE11, and in some cases the videos would not pause. It will also freeze up when trying to scrub using the progress bar. Is this a know issue or are there any workarounds?

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Gary Overgaard

I'm seeing the same issue Doug mentions with the SL360 video progress bar when played back in the Chrome browser. You cannot drag or click beyond current video position to advance and when you try to do it, it restarts video from beginning. Seems to work fine for me however in IE11, but I think its using the Flash version there. Also works perfectly in AMP.

Gary Overgaard

Just thought I'd update for the archives what the issue turned out to be in my case. I shared my file with Leslie and she hosted it on their server and it worked fine even when I tried it from my computer. The issue is apparently with the server I have it hosted on. I'm not exactly sure what about our server makes the difference, but as our primary delivery for this is AMP, (where it works perfectly), it's not worth the effort trying to determine the exact cause of this behavior when streamed through Chrome. 

Gary Overgaard

My pleasure Leslie. I also want to thank you personally for testing my file on your end and pointing me in the right direction of the likely source of the video behavior I was experiencing.

Curiosity got the better of me and I looked further into the server issue last night. I learned that our content is being hosted on an Azure BLOB server. Google then enlightened me that playback of MP4s on this type server often exhibits this behavior. There are apparently a few configuration workarounds for it on the server side.