Video Learning--Technical Best Practices?

I am currently designing a video-based course to be delivered on Articulate Online. I am producing the videos in Articulate Replay.

What limitations should I consider? Is there a file-size limit for each lesson? Do I have to compress videos before embedding them in Storyline? 

Anything else I should watch out for?

Many thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Alison. How exciting!

While we don't have any guidelines around video or file size limits in our authoring tools, Articulate Online has a maximum per-content item limit of 500 MB. Be sure to also check out this Best Practices for Lengthy Courses discussion, as it has lots of great advice!

Hope that helps, and let us know if you have any more questions! 😊

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alison,

You can see the file size of your .story files and the published output by looking within the file explorer of your Windows setup: 

That will allow you to see the overall size prior to publish and after publishing as shown in these two images. 

Storyline will compress your content, so you'd get the highest possible quality at the lowest possible file size. You can look at the options here to modify the video compression. 

Crystal Horn

Hey Alison.  Thanks for clarifying.  Since the published output for Articulate Online automatically uploads, you're right - you don't normally get to see how big that file is.

If you publish for manual upload to Articulate Online, you'll have an output file saved to your local drive that you can inspect.  Unless you're getting an error message when publishing to Articulate Online, or it stops working without uploading your content, you shouldn't have to worry about your file size.

If you are having any trouble, please let us know!