Video length and slide length issue

Feb 23, 2021


Can anyone tell me why my slide length is showing so long when I view the video and it's only 1 min and 3 seconds? The seekbar goes on for another eternity and I can't figure out why. The audio=5 seconds and the video =1:03 so the whole slide length should only be around 1:08. Thanks in advance. 


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Richard Lorrain

Good day Kathleen,

I've looked into your file. Here's how to solve it.

In the timeline, right click your video object. Uncheck "Show until the end". Now look at the timeline and, as Lauren suggested, drag the end of the timeline to where your video object end. To make sure your video stay on the slide until the end or when the slide is over and freeze on the last frame, on the video object, right click again and re-check "Show until the end". It will snap back to the end. Now, you video and your timeline have the same duration.