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Charles Radanovich

Thank you both, these are helpful suggestions. However, no matter what I try, when the video "starts" there is another start button in the middle of the image -- so I'd have to click two times. Once to link the image to the video, and another time to actually start the video. I've tried a lot of combinations of triggers, layers etc to start the video automatically but nothing seems to work. I suspect this start icon is coming from Vimeo and they don't have an option to not show it.

Any other ideas?

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Michael, I was just looking on Vimeo when your embed code came in. Works great, just what I needed.

I wish I could control the look of Vimeo's player bar. If I turn it off I get a pause button in the middle of the video image where there's usually a title, and if I turn it on, I eliminate the center pause button, but the bar itself is larger than I'd like.

But anyway, thanks for your help. I am really just beginning my foray into Storyline and inserting videos the way my client likes them was particularly challenging on a Friday night!