Video links on same slide

Oct 17, 2018

Please let me apologize upfront for what is likely an elementary question.  My brain is a little foggy right now and I could use some help.  I am also a little new to Storyline having used it on and off over the last few years.  I have a slide in Storyline that contains three pictures.  I’d like to be able to allow the end-user to click on each picture to play a small 15 to 30 second video.  Each picture has its own little video.  These videos are files on my machine, not on the internet.   I have grouped the picture with its label.  I then add a trigger.  For the first video, the trigger reads Action:  Play media; Media:  Video 1; When:  User Clicks; Object:  Group 1.  Then I preview the slide, and the videos all appear on the slide without benefit of selecting a picture.  I am missing a step and sure could use a kick start please.  Thanks so much for the help.




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