Video loading when playing external videos


I have inserted few external videos in my course using iFrame. My issue is for folks who have slow Internet, the videos may not load immediately and as I understand this is an external problem I cannot control using Storyline. So my plan is to inform the learners that this may happen.  I want to know if I can do this using poster frame? Does the poster frame load prior to video loading? I mean will it be show as soon as the slide loads, even if the video hasn't buffered? If not, what are the other alternatives I can use? I was initially showing a loading gif , but then the video player has its own loading icon and that's not looking very nice to have two different loaders. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nivedita,

Storyline preloads content to make the playback as smooth as possible, even for a slower internet connection. One possible idea would be to place the video further into the timeline and add some sort of loading image or animation at the beginning of the timeline. That way your video has a little bit of time to catch up once the slide loads. It sounds like you don't enjoy how that looks, but could you set up a version that matches or replicates what is on your video itself?

Let us know if you need anything else!