Video looks fuzzy

I have an mp4 file that we're using as a bookend for a course. 

I attached the first one by Insert> video>from file (mp4)

I then copied that file in Storyline and dropped it onto the slide at the end - to form the bookend.

Same file, same format, same everything but the rendering/ encoding out is vastly different - please see attached imagesFront bookend

End bookend

Has SL rendered it out and that's why I'm getting these results?

If I use preview mode, it looks fine but when I come to publish the second image is what I see.


Any help would be mercifully accepted.

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Russell Engoran

I often get different results when copying/pasting videos inside storyline360.

For example, I will add video from file and set it to compression "none", but if I copy and paste it somewhere else in the same course, the compression drop down is greyed out.

Better to add it again, for me at least.

Ashley Terwilliger

I'd also agree following the insert method, and then you can choose the compression associated with it. If you're able to share the .story file with our team, we're also happy to take a look!  You’ll want to upload the .story file here (which is the file prior to publishing) using the “ADD ATTACHMENT” button at the bottom of the forums reply window. If you’d prefer to not share in the public forums you’re always welcome to share with our Support Engineers here. They’re available 24/7 to assist! 

Lawrence Eaton

I believe I've discovered the wrinkle in my problem...... my machine. Yep, rendering graphics is obviously not its strong suit when your graphics card is 512megs and a 6 yr old chipset and buses. 

Now I've looked at the video again, it's rendered properly. - so thank you ,everyone who chimed in and helped me keep a modicum of composure.

I'm just used to faster machines

Lawrence Eaton

uh-oh. Fuzzy video issue again. I'll walk you through my workflow.

1. Insert video to front bookend

2. create masterpiece ;) 

3. Insert video as end bookend

4. Save


The video at the front bookend is sharp and clear. The extro-bookend is sharp on my end but fuzzy on the user end. 


Help! Suggestions? Divine intervention please.....

Lawrence Eaton


the user is viewing the module via their browser in Review as well as when posted via the LMS. (Browser is Internet Exploder 11 or latest version of Chrome). I'm sure that assigning it to you is going to be next to impossible but I will place the .story and output on our ftp and send the link. 

Many thanks


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Lawrence - I saw it crisp too and uploaded it to Articulate Review in case you wanted to check mine too.

It's only the video at the end that isn't showing as crisp for them? Have you been able to see this - in a screenshot or anything else they've shared with you? I'd want to compare the two and see if that helps us spot anything else that could be off!

Ashley Terwilliger

Oh wow! That is drastically different. It's only a handful of users, right? You mentioned they were in IE11 and Chrome to view it and saw the same thing on Review and in your LMS? Do you know if they're scaling the browser window or what the resolution of their screen is? I didn't have any difficulty viewing the course on my MacBook Pro laptop screen or the Thunderbolt screen I have connected. 

Do you know anything else different about their computers, browsers, the way they're accessing it? 

Jody Gayeski

I am having a similar issue. WHen I view the mp4 outside of articulate it is nice and clear. When I insert the mp4 and publish the course the video is very fuzzy and hard to read. I have tried to delete the mp4 and re-insert it, but it didn't make a difference. I attached screen shots.

Any advice is highly appreciated.


Katie Riggio

Hi, Shelly. Thank you for sharing your file!

I had a closer look, and I can see the blur in the published output on my end as well. After some testing, changing the Compression setting to None should do the trick!

Here are both Review 360 URL links for comparison:

  1. Compression: None
  2. Compression: Automatic

Give that a try, and let me know what you think! Also, we have these excellent tips for working with high-quality assets in this article: Best Practices for High-Quality Images and Videos.

Shelly Williams

Thanks, I did figure that out and it worked great. I tried to do that before I sent in my question, but the compression was grayed out so I couldn’t select it. After I logged out of SL and logged back in again, it was available, very strange. Thanks.

Shelly Williams
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Carina Fleissner

Dear Leslie,


I am facing kind of the same problem. I am recording the videos with Camtasia (using screen, canvas size 1440 x 1080). The size of storyline is the same. When I am importing the mp4 file to storyline and publish the whole project those videos are super fuzzy :-( what should I do to solve the problem? 


All the best,



Lauren Connelly

Hi Carina!

Happy to help! Sorry you're running into this trouble!

As my colleague Katie recommended, changing video compression can eliminate the blurriness. Have you tried this yet? 

Also, are you seeing blurriness in all browsers or just specific ones? For instance, is Internet Explorer more/less blurry than Chrome?

Lastly, would you mind sharing your file with us so we can begin investigating? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.