Video loopback in SL2 (output running on Win8.1)

Jan 19, 2015

HI All,

We are facing an issue with looping back video in SL2.  We used to use the following method for looping video:

1. Put a trigger on the slide to start media when timeline starts; and

2. Put a trigger to play media when media completes on the video.

This procedure is as described on various community forums and we have used it in the past on SL1 and it worked well.  We are using SL2 on Win8.1 64 bit OS, and when we used this method on this platform, the video plays only once and stops (both on preview as well as when published). Feeling that something might be wrong with our platform, we proceeded with creating and testing an SL2 .story file on a Win7 32 bit OS.  The loopback worked well and when published and accessed via a Win7 browser (IE and Chrome) the video loopback works well.

So then we proceeded testing the output and access the published content from a Win8.1 computer (IE and Chrome) and the result is that the video plays only once and stops.

Issue: though it might not be a direct issue with SL2, the output generated by SL2 which includes loopback videos may not be properly displayed on a Win8.1 given the way browsers on Win8.1 may interpret the output. ( We haven't tested on Win8)

Is anyone else facing this issue? Is that a known issue?  If so, timeframe for resolution?  Thanks.

(Please note that we have our own webserver, and host and test online, no use of .story files on network drives, etc. ).

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Mohammad Asgarally

Thank you Ashley.

While posting on the community i also raised a support case with Articulate.  Although they took a few days to respond, they did do some thorough testing.  So kudos to all the unsung heroes at articulate.

As per support, this is now a confirmed issue.  They have been able to replicate the situation based on the case file i submitted.  There is an issue on "some" files but support was unable to narrow it down to what exactly causes this and for which file type.  From our side, we have tried flv, mov, mp4, all formats.  But since there is a work around, i am happy and i am fine with that solution for now.  Thanks.

Here is support's feedback and the workaround.  I must say it's pretty smart. :)


Hi Mohammad Karmil,

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!  I understand that you are unable to make your video loop. 

I was able to replicate the issue on your file.  We do have a known issue where the the issue happens only on certain video files. We do have a workaround.  You can insert a short, silent MP3 file in your slide and setup 2 triggers to make the video loop.

-play media <your video> when media completes<silent mp3 file>

-play media <silent mp3 file> when media completes <your video file>

Quality Assurance is aware of the issue.  I cannot guarantee if or when a fix will be provided for this issue.


Anna Jönsson

Hi! I have the same problem with a looping video only paying once. I don't get the workaround to work either. I've also tried to put the video on two different layers, each having a trigger when the media on it completes to show the other layer. Still - each copy of the video only plays once, after that only the first frame of the video is shown. How can I solve this?

Chad Keller

I have just stumbled on a dirty workaround to loop video in Storyline 2 and thought that I would share it here since this seems to be the most recent thread on looping video.

It involves using a variable, a slide layer, and some triggers.

  • Add your video to the desired slide
  • Set the video to start from trigger
  • create a 'number' variable with a start value of 0 (I named it restartVideo)
  • Add a trigger to the slide play media on timeline start
  • Create a layer for looping the video (ie: Video Loop)
  • I turned off all layer options, turned off allow seeking, and have the layer reset when revisiting.
  • Add a trigger to the slide to show the layer (Video Loop) on media complete
  • Inside the layer you add a trigger to add 1 to the restartVideo variable when timeline reaches 0.1 sec
  • Do the same with a trigger to hide the layer when the timeline reaches 0.1 sec
  • On the main slide add a trigger to play media when the variable changes and add a condition to check if the variable is > 0

The crucial part is setting the triggers in the layer to timeline reaches.  If you set the triggers to timeline starts it doesn't loop the video.

I have attached an example showing the video looping based on my instructions above.

There is one bug I noticed with this.  On desktop (flash) the video in the example restarts at 2 seconds instead of right at the beginning.  However, HTML5 does seem to loop from the beginning.

Chad Keller

With tweaking my original example this is one way you could do it.  This allows the video to be controlled by the seek bar and loop.

Let me know if you need me to break down what is different about this example.

The 2 second bug I found still exists in this example as well. (only flash)

Also keep in mind that if you have additional content along with the video, it will also be affected by the loop because this example basically reloads the current slide to make the video restart.


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