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Katie Riggio

Hi, Dale. I'd love to lend a hand! To start:

  • Does the looping occur outside of Storyline?
  • Is the issue with a particular video or several videos?
  • Did you publish your course for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • Are you able to share a slide with the video link so I can take a look? Feel free to share it privately with me here.

Additionally, a number of different video format types can be used in Storyline – here are the supported video types. Maybe saving the video and then selecting Video from File will help with the looping? I'll be standing by!

Dale Hines

Thanks Katie!  I appreciate it.   

The looping happens inside Storyline.     I only have one video.   I published it for LMS.   

I'll have to ask about sharing the slide with the video link in it.    If I can, I will.

After I submitted my question here, I downloaded the video file and inserted it into Storyline.   When I played it, the video didn't loop.   So I have a resolution and would still like to know what the issue could be if I installed a link to a video in a future project.   

Thanks again Katie!

Katie Riggio

Appreciate the extra detail, Dale, and glad to hear the Video from File route works! Let's definitely get the issue with the original method sorted!

To take a guess before seeing the file: FLV or MP4 videos won't play after uploading your published content to your server, it's likely that you need to add these MIME types to the server. Here's how:

I hope that helps, and I'll be here ☺️