Video Looping and Control

 I am building a course where I need to demonstrate videos running as part of a security system. Running multiple videos does not seem to be a problem. However, I would like to be able to run the videos on a continuous loop and have not been able to find a setting to control this. Am I over looking something? Or does that function not exist in Storyline?

Also is it possible to run a video with no user control? I can hide the controls, but the cursor will still turn into a hand when moved over a video and clicking the video will pause/play it. Anyway to turn this off completely?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Stephen,

Regarding your first question, how exactly do you plan on running the videos? Are they going to be in the same slide? Are there any navigation controls on this "group of videos"? If all you are looking for is continuous loop on multiple videos sharing the same position and size, then I would use layers to control this behavior. Say for example you have 3 videos (A,B,C) :

1) Create a layer for each video, and position each video inside the corresponding layer.

2) Set a trigger on Layer A to show Layer B when timeline finishes. Set a trigger on "Layer B" to show "Layer C" when timeline finishes. Finally set another trigger on "Layer C" to show Layer A when timeline finishes.

This way you can achieve a continuous loop.

Regarding your 2nd question, just use a transparent hotspot on top of the video, and the hand cursor will go away...

Hope it helps,


Stephen Bollinger


Thanks for your prompt reply.

Regarding the first question: each video appears on a screen and should just contnue to loop as long as the user is on that screen. The video would not automatically advance to the next screen.

As for the second answer: your solution worked great. I put a transparent box over the video and the hand went away.

Stephen Bollinger

Thanks again Alex.

Your reply led me to the solution for how to loop a video.

The problem I was trying to solve was how to have single video continue to loop no matter how long the user stayed on that screen.

The solution was to create a trigger for the object representing the video and set it to "Play media  video name when the media completes" and have it point to the same media file.

Thanks again!

Ben Leong

Hi quick question, I was able to you use the layer method to create a loopable video.  However when I exported the project to play on my ipad, the video's don't play correctly.  It seems as though the ipad is unable to handle the quick transition from layer to layer that makes the video appear to loop.

Stephen Bollinger

In the piece I was working on, I was demoing a security system where there is a thumbnail video for each video camera. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, a larger video image appears in the main window.

I placed each of the larger videos in a layer, and the thumbnail videos on the base layer. It works great in a windows-based browser, but does not really work on the iPad. One of the issues is the same Ben mentioned above. It is very slow and doesn't seem to respond to a tap, or if it does it is very slow.