Video not playing


Can anyone help me with an issue I have with an assessment?

The user is asked, as part of the assessment to electronically admit a patient to a ward, and I can get this to work fine. At the end of the process, they have to refresh the ward list to see the patient appear, and this also works fine. When I preview it, the refresh happens and the layer changes to give a little feedback on it.

When I publish it though, the layer changes but the refresh doesn't happen...  it seems to me that the video segment isn't playing, but I can't for the life of me figure out why.. Can anyone advise me please? It's driving me nuts!

Thanks very much.. File attached..

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Paul Williams

Thanks Ashley, yes the version you posted is working perfectly...  Being a bear with very little brain, i think of the screencasts as video... it helps me get my head round it.. 

I can't understand why it's not running the last bit of the screencast for me though...  It's bizzare. I run a 64bit machine.. Don't suppose it's got something to do with that has it?  I get the message saying 'correct' appear, but not the actual bedboard state change screencast showing the pateint in the bed...  arrgghhh.....

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paul,

If you're publishing for CD, can you tell us if you're launching the HTML file or the .EXE file? 

Please be sure you're launching the .EXE file, or running the project off of a disc. If you launch the HTML file, it's pretty much the same as testing a web version locally - it may not work correctly :)